[MUSIC] I'm Morgan Murphy. I have traveled 10,000 miles this summer to find the very best food in the South. Come along with me as I show you the South's best restaurant off the eaten path. Today we're in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of my favorite cities, and its nickname is the Queen's city. Now, speaking of Queens, there're two queens of Southern cuisine here in Charlotte. Penny and Maggie, my friends. They are queens of all things delicious, so let's go into their restaurant, the Dish, and try some of their fantastic recipes. I'm here at the Dish restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, with two of my favorite restaurateurs in the South, Penny and Maggie. [LAUGH] So, tell me about the Dish. Where are we? Well, we're in Plaza Midwood here in Charlotte, and it's one of the older neighborhoods, and it's, it's kind of the, it's the more Bohemian type of neighborhood. Okay. And we're surrounded with other restaurants here, and it's a, it's a very up and coming neighborhood, and I'm wearin my flip flops. I'm ready ready for some [INAUDIBLE]. Okay yes. Okay. Well I love what you've done to the place. Tell me about all these dishes on the wall. It was kinda interesting. The day before we opened up, some good friends of ours that are in the business in the neighborhood, came in with just yard sale, flea market. Things they had at their house. We had nothing on the walls, they, we gave them three, four hours, five hours, six. Next thing that we had dish. Now over the years people have brought us their one dish they got from their grandmother, [CROSSTALK] from their aunt, [CROSSTALK] right. So yeah, we have gotten a lot. You know, they say they've only got one, and they want it to be somewhere where everybody can see it, so it becomes part of our wall. Ya know? You must have a lot of regulars. [CROSSTALK] You gotta have people that come in all the time. Oh we've had people come nine years Two, three, four times a week, so. We're very lucky, we're very glad. So what's the, what's the most popular thing on the menu? Well, let's start right here with the collard dip. I've been eating collards all across the South, and and I haven't had anybody do it with a dip. So tell me about this colard dip. Well, it's made very similar to the spinach dip, but we just use collards. One thing about our collards is they're totally vegetarian. They might still taste like they got a meat in them. But we're not gonna tell you what it is, but it will still come out as vegetarian and you have that meat flavor. So if I want to look like a local, if they want to look like a local when they come in, what should they order? Well now the B and E comes with about every guest. The B and E. It's not breaking and entering it's a biscuit and egg. You make all your desserts in house? Everything in house is made from scratch. The, the vanilla bourbon sweet potato pie and the chocolate pecan pie are from the, the very first day we opened up. They are our two signature pies. They are some beautiful pies. Thank you so much for showing me these. Let's go back to the kitchen, cuz I wanna try to make some of that sweet potato pie you've been talking about. Alright, let's go. So the person who makes all the delicious pies and cakes for Dish is Molly McCarthy. Molly, I am crazy about your pie. I am particularly crazy about the sweet potato pie. You have to tell me how to make it. First of all you need to boil about ten to 12 large sweet potatoes and smash this up real well. [LAUGH] Like [INAUDIBLE] This is pie loving. We're going to add in one and a half shots of bourbon, one shot of Triple Sec, three pounds of light brown sugar, and then there's one cup of vanilla. So if you'd like, you could go ahead and put those eggs in here. Okay. Four heaping cups of flower. Now we just take this and turn it into our pie crust. We're all set, ready to go in the oven. Awesome, let's go stick them in the oven. All right. So we baked our pie for how long? We baked our pie for about 50 to 55 minutes. And what. And now we have the good part. We do. And it wants to be just a little golden on top, and then. Well, this is the good part. Let's dig into this. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. I'm gonna get some of this crust over here. You can really taste the bourbon in it. Mm-hm. I love it. You're going to love Dish, it's one of my favorite restaurants in the south. Penny and Maggie are going to stuff you like a Christmas goose with fine Southern food like this chicken and dumplings. And they make this, every day here with the freshest chicken, really creamy dumplings. Hot dam that is good, you're going to love it And you know, they serve southern classic like a biscuit and a deviled egg, along with the food here. Come on down the Dish in Charlotte North Carolina, you're gonna love it, you've been watching Off the Eaten Path. Hm. [SOUND]
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