Deep Roots: A Georgia Family's Pecan Farm

We love to celebrate the artisans, traditions, and history of Southern culture. Schermer Pecans in Glennville, Georgia, founded in 1946, is one family's legacy that has carried through five generations of growers. We spoke with the current owner and grower, Putt Wetherbee, about growing up on the farm and what the pecan business means to his family. You can also take an aerial tour of Schermer Pecan Farm or take a drive with Putt on our 360 tour.


My first job was to keep our lunch from being buried in pecan. [MUSIC] This orchard is made up of mainly desirable pecan, the highest quality pecan grown in the world. My dad has the second mechanical harvester in Georgia. They come in and shake the trees. Then we have other machines called sweepers, and they gradually move the pecans to the center of the orchard in a nice, neat little pile, and they load it on a trailer to go to town to the cleaning plant. What really put this part of the world on the map with pecans was more of a real estate scheme than a Then a pecan scheme. The orchards were put together in 100 acre blocks and then advertised in cities like New York, Philadelphia and Detroit where people could come down and build their house on their ten acres and take their 100 trees and make a Living. [MUSIC] That's how pecans got started in Albany Georgia where we are the pecan capital of the world. [MUSIC]
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