The Perfect Beach Town: Cape Charles, VA

Photo: Scott Suchman
This Eastorn Shore is full of signature golf courses, clam chowder, and classic harbors.

The Vibe 
This bustling Eastern Shore hub nearly dried up in the 1950s when a ferry terminal headed south to Kiptopeke. But fresh development has revived this charming town with a mix of marinas and golf courses, Victorian homes and oyster shacks.

What to Do 
At Bay Creek Resort, you can explore two Signature golf courses and a marina, sunset cocktails in hand. But downtown's seven square blocks, bordered by dunes and Bay Beach, remain the core. The 1940s Historic Palace Theater (757/331-2787) keeps things current by bringing various musical acts to town.

Where to Eat 
Bill's Clam Chowder, an Eastern Shore original cooked in a clear, clam-juice-based broth, is a favorite at AQUA (757/331-8660). The crab-and-Brie burger pairs well with the citrusy Bell's Oberon Ale draft at Kelly's Gingernut Pub (757/331-3222). The newest restaurant, The Shanty, is slated to open this summer, with fresh-harvested, steamed clams and crab on a deck overlooking the bay.

Where to Stay 
Rent a house or villa at Bay Creek Resort ( 757/331-8600) (from $250). Or, opt for Cape Charles House Bed and Breakfast (757/331-4920) or Fig Street Inn (757/331-3133) (both from $140). These updated, turn-of-the-century homes have easy access to downtown.

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