101 Free Things (by state)--NORTH CAROLINA

Photography Meg McKinney

58. Race over to Ray Price Legends of Harley Drag Racing Museum, a motorcycle mecca, in Raleigh; (919) 832-2261.

59. Have a bloomin' good time at Durham's Sarah P. Duke Gardens and Chapel Hill's North Carolina Botanical Garden; 1-800-847-4862.

60. Admire the contributions made by African Americans to the development of North Carolina and the nation at the African American Cultural Complex in Raleigh; (919) 231-0625.

61. Visit the Louise Wells Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington the first Sunday of every month, when admission is free; (910) 763-0281.

62. Take a long drive through Pisgah National Forest in western North Carolina; (828) 877-3265.

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