[MUSIC] I'm Morgan Murphy. I have traveled 10,000 miles this summer to find the very best food in the South. Come along with me as I show you the South's best restaurants, All That You Can Have off the beaten path. We're in Memphis, Tennessee, which is home of one of my favorite guys in the south. Uncle Lou! I cannot wait for you to meet Uncle Lou. He makes some of the best chicken in this city. It's sweet, it's spicy, you're gonna love it. Let's go in and try some. [MUSIC] Uncle Lou! What's goin' on, Murphy? You doing alright there. Oh, it's good to see you. Good to see you again, man. Thanks for having me at Uncle Lou's Chicken. Man, glad to have ya, glad to have ya. So what are we doing today? We cooking. We're gonna cook? We gonna cook. Now, now, time out. You gonna cook. I'm gonna cook? Yeah. Are you gonna show me how to make some of your fried chicken? I may instruct. This is, this is the best fried chicken on earth so I can't wait to go back there. Let's go. Let's rock. [MUSIC] I am here in Uncle Lou's kitchen. We are frying up a mess of stuff over here. We about to batter us up some chicken. I cannot wait. Alright grab a couple of these thighs. And first, you want to get them good and coated. Alright. Seasonings what we have in that crispy skin, but we taking off as much of the excess off as possible. Now some people like to double dip. Double dip is kind of like, you're really uncool. Not cool. Not cool to double dip. Not cool to double dip for so many reasons. That's some hot grease. 370 degrees to be exact. You could just put it out in the parking lot here in Memphis today, good lord. Put that in, come over here, we still got time. Alright. We set, we cook our chicken at 370, for 12 minutes. It's magic. Now it's your turn. Oh right. You get to fry next to them. Awesome. Don't get scared of them man. [CROSSTALK] Put my back in to it. [CROSSTALK] There we go. And you drop it in right after you do that? Right in there. Alright. There you go. Oh, man this is fun frying chicken. We've got hot. We've got mild. Okay, we gonna do a three piece dark hot. Three piece dark we give them that. We gonna give them another thigh. We gonna give them a drum stick. Then just slog it around give it a good whip. You don't wanna leave in there to long. Now got that? Oh, how beautiful. That is pretty. Oh, how beautiful. Tell me about this lady standing here. Okay, this is my maternal great grandmother, my mom's mom. This is where the family recipe came from, this Rosie Gillespie. She's a patron saint, Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken. Patron saint of fried chicken. She gave, she passed it on to me. And I've had it for a while, so we decided to put it into a commercial form restaurant and run it, and you know, see what happens with it. And we make the sweet spicy love, which is my creation. I'm partial to the. Original. The original, cuz it adds a lot and you have [INAUDIBLE]. So, you know, [LAUGH] So, that's my favorite. Well, what did Grandmama Rosie do that was special? Come on, man! [LAUGH] Give us a hint. Come on! Imma give you a hint, man. Okay. Ground cinnamon. Ground cinnamon? Cinnamon. In fried chicken. Imagine that. No. That was her idea? That was her idea. She's a genius. She's a genius. And our slogan is, if the colonel had Uncle Lou's recipe, he'd been a general. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] So today here at Uncle Lou's in Memphis, Tennessee we have fried everything that could fit in the fryer. And I cannot wait to dig into this fried chicken that Uncle Lou taught me how to make. This looks so good. That is hot, that is sweet, it's spicy. I guess that's why he calls it Sweet and Spicy love. This is something else, you gotta come here to Memphis, Tennessee to try Uncle Lou's fried chicken. You've been watching All That You Can Have. Hm. [MUSIC]
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