The Dinner Bell Rings for Lunch

Simple Southern staples make The Dinner Bell, McComb, MS, a perfect place to get your fix of fried chicken, green beans, and sweet tea.


I'm Morgan Murphy. I have traveled 10,000 miles this summer to find the very best food in the South. Come along with me as I show you the South's best restaurants Off the Eaten Path. I'm Morgan Murphy. Today we're in McComb, Mississippi, at the Dinner Bell. Now the Dinner Bell is only open for lunch. And for you Southern-impaired individuals watching this, lunch in the South is called dinner. Dinner is called supper. You got that? Alright, let's go inside and try some. [NOISE] So tell me about the name Dinner Bell, where did that come from? Well, a lot of people ask that and especially now, most people call, call it lunch. Yeah. And they say, well, you're only open for lunch. Well, people, especially here in the South. But if you're from the South. Right. It's dinner. It's dinner and supper. That's right. And so that, that's where it came from. And especially, this is an old boarding house concept. Yeah. And it's a railroad town. So, at lunch time, people that would stay in the boarding house, they would ring the bell for dinner. Come and get it. And they would stop work, you know, the railroad workers or whatnot, and come eat, and then afterwards, back to work. We used to have a, a gentleman come in here, he would come pick his lunch up until he was 107. See, you know what? Chicken dumplings, they're good for you. He, he got his driver's license renewed at 104 and then finally he came. That must've been fun in the parking lot. I wouldn't want to ride with him, but he had one foot on the gas, one foot on the brake. Oh man. [CROSSTALK]. Once those reverse lights click on, you get out the way. He wouldn't, he wouldn't stop; he would just come by, he would call us and say, fix my dinner. That's all he would say cause he got the same thing every time. He would pull up to the door, we'd take it out to his car. And away he'd go. 104 he's doing-- 104 That is awesome. This is the, this is the bell you ring if you don't want anybody else to eat the chicken and dumplings before you get to it. Come and get it. [MUSIC] We're in McComb, Mississippi, and we're Off the Eaten Path. [MUSIC]
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