The Perfect Eating Day in Lafayette, LA

Photo: Robbie Caponetto
Visit some of the eateries that made Lafayette, LA, one of the Tastiest Towns in the South

Line up for lemon-filled glazed donuts at Meche’s Donut King (337/981-4918).

Start your smoked-meat marathon at The French Press ( with a Sweet Baby Breesus (buttermilk biscuit slider with bacon, fried boudin balls, and Steen’s cane syrup from Abbeville) and a pint of Bayou Teche Brewing’s LA-31 Bière Pâle ale (, made by brewers so devoted to their Acadian background that there are local organizations that promote Creole culture listed on every bottle. Roll up your sleeves for slow-smoked, country-style barbecue ribs served with sticky jambalaya at Johnson’s Boucanière ( Lori Walls’ restaurant is an homage to Johnson’s Grocery, the market her family ran for 60-plus years.

Finish with duck confit with braised white beans, sausage, mizuna, and satsumas at Cochon Lafayette (, Donald Link and Stephen Stryjewski’s stunning restaurant on the Vermilion River.

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