Succulent Seafood Deep in the Bayou

This unassuming restaurant serves up some of the best seafood Louisiana has to offer. Find more diners and dives from Off the Eaten Path. 


[MUSIC] I'm Morgan Murphy. I have traveled 10,000 miles this summer to find the very best food in the South. Come along with me as I show you the South's best restaurants off the eaten path. [MUSIC] I'm Morgan Murphy. You're watching Off The Eaten Path. Now you may have heard that there's great seafood in New Orleans, and it's true there is great seafood in New Orleans. But if you really wanna have some great seafood, you gotta come deep into the heart of Cajun country, which is where we are tonight. We're in Abbyville, Louisiana, at a place called Richard's Seafood Patio. Now, Richard's is a ten building. It's awesome. I cannot wait to go in there and dig in. [MUSIC] We're here at Richard's Seafood Patio. I'm with co-owner, Roxanne. Thank you so much for having us. [LAUGH] You're welcome. These look awesome. Tell me what season we're in. This is obviously crab season. We're in crab season right now. And you, man, you can hear people crackin' the crabs out here in this restaurant. Absolutely. And this is a real Cajun thing. These are boiled, boiled crabs. Tell me about how you serve these. We serve these by half dozens. Yeah. And people get a half dozen or a dozen. And we boil them the traditional way, in seasoned water. Crabs were traditionally boiled in water, with the seasoning in the water, is what you're saying. Correct. And some people today just sprinkle that stuff on. Right. They boil them in plain water, and then they sprinkle a seasoning on top, but your seasoning doesn't get to the meat Yeah, that makes sense. Right, so we don't do that. We do them the old fashion way. We, we've been doing it that way since 57. So I'm here at Richard's with owner Calvin Richard. Tell me about this tray here. This is kind of a interesting contraption. What is this used for? This is a seafood serving tray, mainly for crawfish and crabs. Crawfish, with all crawfish in the food corner side here. Empty section is for your shells. As the shells fill up on this side, move it over. All in one tray. This sucker is ingenious. You've patented this, right? Yes, we have. You can't get it at any place but Richard's. And this is awesome. [MUSIC]. So what's the best way to eat a crab? Show me, show me how to crack into a crab right. Well the best way, you gotta turn it over, and start upside down. On the ugly side. On the ugly side. And you break off the claws, put those on the side, we're gonna eat those in a minute. Then you wanna turn it, grab on this side with one thumb and right here, and you wanna do a kind of a push pull to snap it open. You wanna take out all of that junk inside, and all of this, and you wanna take out all of these little knots, and it, it's real simple. Just like pulling. Pinch a little bit til you hear it snap, pinch a little here til you hear it snap, take your thumb, open it up. That's beautiful. And that's how you eat a, a crab. Take this whole thing with me. [LAUGH] Thank you very much for having us. Man, I am stuffed. This is also the restaurant outrance. So, that was incredible. Richard's sure knows how to boil a crab, boil a shrimp, craw, boil some mud bugs. They are fabulous. Come on down to Abbeville, Louisana. I'm Morgan Murphy. You've been watching Off The Eaten Path.
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