Outdoors Enthusiast's Guide to Birmingham

Photo: Melina Hammer
Find out what to do in Birmingham with this editor-guided tour for the outdoors enthusiast.

Morning Must
A sunrise run along the wooded, stream-side Jemison Park Nature Trail in Mountain Brook.

Best Kept Secret
Meandering trails through sandstone glades and rock climbing in the lichen-covered boulder fields in Hoover's Moss Rock Preserve.

While Away the Afternoon...
In the treetops of Red Mountain Park, traversing the sky bridges and zip lines of the new Red Ore Zip Tour.

Smartest Use of $20
Two hickory-smoked brisket tacos ($9) and a Paloma cocktail ($8) at Little Donkey.

Perfect Ending to the Day
"Trail-gating" with a locally brewed Red Bike Brown Ale after hammering Oak Mountain State Park's world-class single track.

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