Experience Frenchmen Street Jazz

With a dozen world-class shows a night, the 600 block of Frenchmen Street is the song and soul of New Orleans, a city that has lived the blues and gave birth to jazz.


[INAUDIBLE] My right, your left. Mr. Washboard Chaz. [NOISE] Florida. [MUSIC] I started playing washboard was, I was in QUS at the time. And a friend of mine I got to know there played a washboard. And I played congas. And he liked the way I played congas. And I liked the way he played washboard. And so we traded lessons. And then, then I stuck with it. I went back to Connecticut. I started playing in, Playing washboard about one maybe two songs a night in a, in a country rock band. And so that just kinda progressed from there. [MUSIC] Well, how I got to New Orleans was I. I should have been down here longer. But I guess the time was just right when I came. It's like two and half blocks of live music. It's probably about eight to ten bars around here that have music and there's another couple about three more bars that don't have music. And they are varying sizes and varying clientele and various decors and upkeep and downkeep and whatever. But, the, the streets exudes music. The city ain't have, didn't have anything to do with it, it was all done organically by the musicians and club owners, you know. It was just the atmosphere, the musical atmosphere. That's so cool, and then I started playing the spartakansas then things just started building up for me I mean bands like the Vipers, my blues trio for his bands got his start here on Franklin Street. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Got my symbols, wood drop, [SOUND] snare drum. You can get them at hardware stores, I get mine straight from the Columbus washboard company. But it's, you know, just tap and just roll [INAUDIBLE] like this. [MUSIC] The [INAUDIBLE] here play anything you want, as long as it's good. [LAUGH] [SOUND] [INAUDIBLE]. [MUSIC] For me, it's the best city in the whole of United States. The, a whole world for me to work I think cuz, you know, I mean, you hear kids walking up and down the street playing horns, you know? Practicing coming home from school, and practicing. You got a world class, a school for the creative arts over here in [INAUDIBLE]. You've got such a, a tradition of musicians from all the black and creole and white families here that play music for generations and generations. [MUSIC] Jazz, speed ahead jazz. You've got [UNKNOWN] music, you've got reggae, you've got rock and roll. You've got alternative, old [UNKNOWN] you know, old 50s and 60s and 70s and stuff like that. So you've got all that, here as music pours out, out in the city. [MUSIC]
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