New Orleans Cruising Culinary Tour

Photo: Cedric Angeles
Tour the city and taste all it has to offer on this bike tour of New Orleans.

The Ride
Think of it as a progressive dinner on wheels. The route and menu follow the season’s best foods, but expect a sampling of NOLA classics (gumbo, po’boys, jambalaya) as well as a few ethnic surprises (locally made cannoli, Senegalese fried plantains) well off the tourist track. You’ll consume calories, yes, but burn a few too, while pedaling a one-speed cruiser—equipped with back-pedal brakes and a cup holder for cocktails—through a city that built a mound of dirt so its kids could see what a hill looks like.

Your Guides
Young local hipsters who know the city well, the Confederacy of Cruisers feel more like in-the-know local pals than cheesy tour guides. They’ve done their homework so you’ll learn a ton about the history, culture, and idiosyncrasies of New Orleans as you taste your way through its fascinating and less touristy (but safe) neighborhoods, such as Tremé, Faubourg Marigny, the French Quarter, and Mid-City.

You'll Love It If...
You’re hungry for the adventure of trying new foods, and you want to explore beyond the French Quarter without the headache of driving and parking in a city where neither is easy. Even if you haven’t been on a bike in years, you’ll feel like a kid again riding these cruisers, but mind those Pontchartrain-size potholes.

Gear Up
The culinary tour through Confederacy of Cruisers includes bike, helmet (optional), and all food and tips (except your guide’s). Cocktails are up to you. Or, tour the city on your own and trade and just rent a bike for the day. Joy Ride Bike Rentals will drop off as many bikes as you need at your hotel for no extra charge.


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