Nashville Eats

From fine dining to the best down home grub joints, these are must-try restaurants.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim Cross, travel editor at Southern Living. When you're in Nashville, you won't want to miss some of our editors' favorite eateries. Here are five of our top picks. Loveless Motel and Cafe. For more than 50 years, Nashville residents and visitors have made the trek south down Highway 100, to the Loveless for some of the best scratch biscuits and crispiest fried chicken in Tennessee. The cozy eatery serves hearty country ham adorned breakfasts, and classic meat and three lunches and dinners every day. Nashville has sent ordinary fried chicken back to the farm. A Tennessee legend, Prince's Hot Chicken may fry up its goodness in a sketchy neighborhood, but loyalists flock to this one room storefront every afternoon. Chicken gets cooked by the order, so expect a 30 minute wait, and expect it spicy hot. We suggest the medium order. [MUSIC] Arnold's. Owners Jack and Rose Arnold have been serving country music stars, downtown workers, and ordinary folks in their little red meat and three for 27 years. You'll find some of the state's best fried chicken, fried green tomatoes cooked with Tabasco and apple juice, and the creamiest banana pudding this side of heaven. [MUSIC] I Dream of Weenie. Sandwiched between art galleries in the up and coming East Nashville neighborhood, the alfresco weinery sells char-grilled dogs out of a vintage yellow Volkswagen bus. Signature dogs include the Rebel Yelp and the equally hot Flamin Frank, Margot and Marche. If Nashville had a superstar chef, it'd be Margo McCormick. Her Cafe Margo, has won every local award imaginable, but its her second spot, Marché Artisan Foods, a euro style marketing cafe, that has our taste buds attention. Marché whips up a brunch like no other. Ask for sunny eggs and sausage palento with your pomegranate mimosa. For more insider travel tips pick up a copy of Southern Living magazine, and visit [MUSIC]
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