The Best Shrimp in Gulf Shores

Photo: Gary Clark
Indulge in Steamed Royal Red Shrimp at King Neptune's Seafood Restaurant.
In tribute to October's National Shrimp Festival, here are our favorite spots to enjoy the honoree.

City Grill
Why we love it: Louisiana spice meets Alabama Gulf Coast freshness in the shrimp dishes served at this off-the-beaten-path restaurant.
Order this: Shrimp and Gouda Grits in Creamy Creole Sauce or Jambalaya Pasta
Wash it down with: A craft beer from City Grill's ever-changing selection
2200 East Second St., Unit E; or 251/223-4202

Bahama Bob's
Why we love it: Dream of the Caribbean as you dig into a Bimini-style Steamed Shrimp appetizer at this spot nestled right in the Gulf dunes.
Order this: Fresh Shrimp Salad Po-Boys
Wash it down with: A potent rum-and-fruit juice-laden Bahama Bob.
601 West Beach Blvd.; or 251/948-2100 

King Neptune's Seafood Restaurant
Why we love it: Order a platter of Steamed Royal Reds and they'll think you're a local at this laid-back seafood shack on Gulf Shores' main drag.
Order this: Steamed Royal Red Shrimp or Grilled Shrimp Skewer
Wash it down with: An Amaretto Orange Blossom Daiquiri
1137 Gulf Shores Parkway; or 251/968-5464

LuLu's at Homeport
Why we love it: Lucy Buffett (singer Jimmy's sister) runs this popular restaurant. Her right-off-the-boat shrimp and homemade gumbo attract crowds. So you may want to pick an off hour (say 4 p.m.) to avoid a long wait.
Order this: Fried Shrimp Half Loaf & Gumbo or Shrimp Salad Wrap
Wash it down with: LuLu's own Crazy Sista Honey Ale
200 East 25th Ave.; or 251/967-5858

West Beach Grille
Why we love it: The coastal town's richest appetizer–the cheesy, garlic-laced Shrimp Kargot–keeps diners coming back to this bright and airy restaurant that boasts a covered porch cooled by Gulf breezes.
Order this: Shrimp Kargot, Gulf Shrimp Sliders, or Soft Shell Crab Sliders
Wash it down with: A glass of Foxhorn Merlot
1154 West Beach Blvd.; 251/948-5300

Shrimp Basket
Why we love it: It's great for a fast seafood fix. The breading is perfectly seasoned and crisp, and the shrimp are tender and moist.
Order this: Fried Shrimp Basket with a side of potato salad
Wash it down with: A Frozen Melon Daiquiri
301 Gulf Shores Parkway; or 251/948-7687

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