Jonesboro's Gem

This barbecue pit stop takes flavor to a whole new level. The hand made pizzas, barbecue pulled pork dip, and juicy burgers complete with homemade chips are just a few mouth-watering items on the Godsey's Grill menu. Find more diners and dives from Off the Eaten Path's Second Helpings.


I'm Morgan Murphy. I have traveled 10 thousand miles this summer to find the very best food in the South. Come along with me as I show you the South's best restaurants, off the eaten path. [MUSIC] So, today we're in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Now Jonesboro is known for a lot of stuff. It's a farming town. It's a college town. It's not known for being a particularly hip town, if you're into stereotyping which I'm not. Because one of the hippest bars in the south is right here in Jonesboro. It's called Godsey's Grill. Let's go in and have a bit. [MUSIC] I'm here at Godsey's Grill with Lisa Godsey. Lisa thanks for having me. Wonderful. Welcome. Welcome. This is so cool, this bar. So tell me about your bar and restaurant. We've been open 3 years. We have a very ecclectic menu. We have 8 pages. How do you fill 8 pages? With a lot of stuff that people love. And everything we do here is made in house. Every morning we get fresh meat in. We hand form the patties. There's nothing frozen here. It comes out fresh. That is why their burgers are so awesome. Right. And you've won best burger all over town. Right. We took this. Here at the cages magazine which is best burger, which is best restaurant, and best bartenders, we've got numerous awards this year. And you got the only wood fired Correct. Pizza oven in town, Correct. Plus this, She gets of about six hundred degrees. We have all kinds of pizzas, we have round dough, we use fresh basil, fresh ingredients. That type of thing whenever we're making our pizza's so Next to the wood pile out back. A wood pile out back is a sign of a great barbecue restaurant. Exactly. You do your own barbecue too. Yes, we do our own barbecues. We have two big smokers out back. We smoke our own turkey, we smoke our own chicken, we smoke our own chicken wings. So everything goes on the smoker. So you're going to show me how to baste some barbeque? Yes I will. Oh lets go do it. Okay. We're out here in the inner sanctum of Gonzi's Grill, here at the smoker. Thanks for showing me this smoker. Not a problem. Let's see where all the magic happens. This. Where we smoking today? Right. Right now, on this one, we have our pork butts. Oh! That are smoking for the pulled pork sandwich. Oh man, you can really smell that hickory here. [NOISE] And what we do, is we rub' em down with mustard, put the barbecue seasoning on them, let' em sit on here for about an hour. And then we start basting them with the mop sauce. We'll get the mop sauce right here. Alright. And I can't, I really can't tell you what this is. Okay. Because this is. The secret sauce. This is the secret sauce that keeps everything going. Every barbecue-tioner, you know, has their secrets. We do this for this, and then of course all of our chickens and chicken wings are wrapped there on the other smoker. We have two smokers. Awesome. So we take it. Are you using just hickory here? Yup, just hickory, straight hickory. And it keeps it moist and puts a little extra flavor on it, and then we just let it sit. And then we'll go out, take a look at the chickens. Man you got a lot of food going on out here. Yup, we do this everyday. Everyday? Yup. And I can said these wings, we do' em a little different than whenever, anybody else does. Cause we smoke 'em, up to a certain point and then we take 'em in, and when you order your wings, we fry 'em. So they're smoke fried wings. Whenever you get a chicken wing, you get it, either wet or dry, and you get it with just a barbecue seasoning on there or you can actually get it with barbecue sauce or hot sauce. Man, these look so great. Aren't they great? They look really succulent. I'm as well stick my hold head in here, this smells so awesome. [MUSIC] I cannot wait to dig into this fantastic hog wild dip that I've heard so much about. It is, I wish you could smell this. It just smells like a barbecue. [NOISE] [INAUDIBLE] I didn't know you can improve of on barbecue, but you can by making it a dip. And look at this pizza. It is full of onions and peppers and mushrooms. And crunchy. Look at that. That is so good. I'm eating this whole thing now. If I dispensary call intensive care, here in Jonesboro. That's where I'll be on a pizza over dose. That is so good. You've gotta get to Jonesboro, Arkansas and try the pizza, and the hog wild dip at Godsi's. You're gonna love it. [MUSIC]
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