Breakfast Hot Spot: Colonial Pancake and Waffle House

Pancakes, French toast, and fresh eggs are the stars at Colonial Pancake and Waffle House, Hot Springs, AR. Find more diners and dives from Off the Eaten Path.


[MUSIC] I'm Morgan Murphy and I have traveled ten thousand miles this summer to find the very best food in the South. Come along with me as I show you the South's best restaurants off the eaten path. [MUSIC] I'm Morgan Murphy and we're here in Hot Springs, Arkansas at the Colonial Pancake House, and there's nothing better in the morning than some hot fluffy pancakes. So Come on in and let's grab something. [MUSIC] I'm here with Rick Gale of the Colonial Pancake House. Rick, this is an incredible spread. Tell me about that. This is our Colonial Stuffed French Toast. Got it from a bed and breakfast, the recipe from a bed and breakfast in Vermont. Surprised they even gave me the recipe but they did. [MUSIC] And its become one of our best sellers. When girls eat it they make funny noises because its just so good. [LAUGH] I can't wait to try that [CROSSTALK] Yeah its funny And this is a classic southern staple. You got a big ol 8oz ham steak there with homemade hash browns, couple of over easy eggs, homemade biscuits. Good southern breakfast right there. Awesome I can not wait to try it. [MUSIC] So let's talk about history. Pacifically the history of the Colonial Pan Cake House. Alright this this business was establish in 1962 by my mother and father. And my mother Managed and owned this business for 43 years before she finally retired and I took over. And she made you, wash some dishes right? Oh yeah I used to stand on a Coke tray that that sink and kitchen and have to wash the dishes so. So she was It's a tough rack. She was good about it. She always rewarded me for helping her out. That's great. Hard work made this country great. Here at the Colonial Pancake House they're keeping that tradition alive. [MUSIC] Man, after a big southern breakfast like this, you'll be ready to invade another country, found a new state, or maybe even kick a royal out of office. Let's dig in.
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