[MUSIC] I'm Morgan Murphy. I have traveled 10,000 miles this summer, to find the very best food in the south. Come along with me, as I show you the south's best restaurants, Off the Eaten Path. We're on Gulf Port, Mississippi, one of my favorite towns, because I'm a Navy guy, and this is a Navy town. And, Navy folks know where to eat once they hit the shore, so... I'm here, today, with one of my favorites, now, the question is, how to find it. Well, a lot of people used to find it by listening, they could hear, the blow flies, which is why they call it the Blow Fly Inn. I tell you what, if you haven't been, it's worth coming to dig into their famous pimento cheese hamburger. It is delicious, and I can't wait to have a bite. So, I'm here at the Blow Fly Inn with Scott Weinberg. Scott, thanks for having me. Oh, thank you. This is a delicious smorgasbord of stuff. Tell me what we've got on the table here. Well, we've got our it's a roasted red pepper pimento cheese. We put that on top of a hamburger. So it's pimento cheese with no pimento. Exactly. Exactly. [LAUGH] The perfect pimento cheese for me. I can work with that. Then, we have our seafood pasta. It's got shrimp, crawfish. Crab meat, and asparagus, and oysters in there. That's like the whole of the Gulf Coast in a bowl. Exactly. Sell a lot of the onion rings that we double batter those, fresh every order. And, then, these are our crab cakes. We're, we're kinda famous for these. I worked in DC for seven years and Kinda developed a little southern twist on the crab cakes with a little creole mayo in there, so they're it's... It's got a little more flavor, than northern crabcakes have. You've got a big fly on that that crabcake there. Yep, yep, that's that's one of the original flies. Those are hard to come by these days. I just keep a few of them around, for stuff like this. So, when you when you come to the Blow Fly, you get a small fly. If you're a first time visitor. They could, we just leave them out on the hostess stand, and they can take as many as they like. Tell me how the blow fly, came to be the Blowfly Inn. Well, years ago, a guy up the street had a restaurant, and Mr. Al cooked for friends, down here on the water. And it, it got to be more and more friends, so, as it got to be bigger and bigger, people would stop at that restaurant and ask the owner. How to get to Al's place. And, he got tired of the question, so, he finally said, just follow the string of blow files, and that, that gave it, its name. And so what body of water is this? This is beautiful. This is Bayou Bernard. Your views up here are incredible. Well, thank you, thank you. It's a fun place to come to work everyday. I'm dying to know how you made this beautiful seafood pasta. Let's give that a shot. Okay, we'll do it. Take me out to the kitchen. Sure. Show me how that's done? Sure. Alright. Alright, well I'm getting the pan hot. Then, I wanna add some butter. Nothing wrong with butter. Yeah, and a little white wine. I sautee the all the seafood here. We make our own creole season, so I'm gonna add a little creole seasoning in there. This is seafood monika sauce. It's a, it's a cream based sauce. It's, It's not an Alfredo, but it got a lot favor to it, a lot of kick to it. Just letting those favors mix, so that wine and that garlic mixes in there with it, say a dinner size portion, right here. Yes it is, this dinner for,dinner for two. And there it is. This is beautiful, man, look at this pasta, this is. Man. You're a genius. This is awesome. Well, good, I'm glad you like it. I love this dish. This is incredible. This is the entire gulf coast, in one plate. You gotta come down and try this. This is great. Thank you, for teaching me how to make this. I'm just gonna take this away now. Alright, no problem, you can have it. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Look at the cornucopia of stuff on this table. Man, I cannot wait to dig in to this burger. Now, this is no ordinary burger, this is the Blow Fly and legendary Pamina cheese burger except... It's not actually Pamina cheese it's roasted red pepper cheese, but who's quibbling and who cares? This looks delicious. Man, and it's no wonder, that this has been voted the best burger in Mississippi. It is tremendous. You've got to get here to Gulf Port to try this, and come to the Blow Fly Inn. I'm Morgan Murphy, you've been watching Off the Eaten Path.
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