The Shake Shack: Classic 1950s Diner

Big John's, Marion, AR burgers, fries, and shakes will take you back in time to the heart of the 20th century with sweet Southern comfort. Find more diners and dives from Off the Eaten Path.


I'm Morgan Murphy. I have travelled 10,000 miles this summer to find the very best food in the South. Come along with me as I show you the South's best restaurants off the eaten path. [MUSIC] I'm Morgan Murphy. You're watching Off the Eaten Path. I'm here at John's Shake Shack in Marion, Arkansas, just over the river from Memphis. You're gonna wanna come here cuz they have the thickest, frostiest milkshakes I think I've ever seen. You can hardly, hardly suck it up in with a straw. But it is so creamy and delicious, you got to try it. Another secret that they have here, is this fantastic peanut brittle. I cannot wait to chunk into this. The [UNKNOWN] Shack has been here for 33 years. When we got this place in 1977, that is the same year that Elvis died, I have a tourist guide, a Tad Pearson from Memphis that brings people from England, and Finland, and everywhere over here. They have been in Memphis to see Graceland. He says, you got to let me take you over to my favorite Coca Cola Elvis Presley memorabilia fast food restaurant. [MUSIC] Some people want them the old fashioned way, which is with the vanilla. And then we also put the chocolate flavor in stir it like the old, the old fashioned. I still have I have many, many different flavors. I have flavors, I can make blueberry, I can make peach, I can make orange, papaya. And is this made with the ice cream no milk. That's the secret to our milk shakes, is they're, they're all done with the ice cream. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] huh? This is some of the best peanut brittle I've ever had. Tell me, tell me your secret, cuz we're gonna give a secret to the readers. Okay. We wanna know how you make this stuff. We make, we start with a cup of sugar and a cup of caramel syrup. And raw peanuts. Raw peanuts. My last order of peanuts came from, Birmingham, Alabama. Did they? Go Birmingham! And, we had to special order them, and we got the peanuts in and, in the skillet, stir it until it comes to a certain degree, then you add your baking soda and pour it out. [MUSIC] A lot of people are afraid to make peanut brittle because here in the humid south its so humid. How do you keep yours so well brittle. Well that's true it does get humid in the summer time and people want me to make it all year round. I make it and as soon a I put it on to the cookie sheet I bring it to the coolest spot in, my so stick it on the air. Conditioning. Yeah stick it on the air conditioning for ever cool it. And then I bag it and zip lock. That's awesome. Well, cheers. Alright! Or crunch, as the case may be. [MUSIC] The peanut brittle, the hamburgers, the fries, the classic American shakes, you know, of all the reason [MUSIC] To stop in at John's Shake Shack here in Marion, Arkansas. I think the shake is the best. I can't wait for you to get here and try it.
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