101 Free Things (by state)--LOUISIANA

42. Spice things up with a tour of the McIlhenny Company's Tabasco plant on Avery Island; (337) 365-8173.

43. Celebrate the Saints' version of Fat Tuesday by watching a float or two go by at those famous annual Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans; 1-800-672-6124.

44. Ever wonder what a turtle more than 100 years old looks like? Visit the Chateau des Cocodries in Jennings to meet the turtle and his alligator friends; 1-800-264-5521.

45. Quench your thirst for knowledge of Coca-Cola by visiting the Monroe home of Joseph Biedenharn, the first bottler of the fizzy beverage; (318) 387-5281.

46. Step back in time with a tour of the 1963 Louisiana Governor's Mansion in Baton Rouge; (225) 342-5855.

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