Shakey Graves: "Where a Boy Once Stood"

Watch Shakey Graves perform "Where a Boy Once Stood" at Lamberts Downtown Barbecue in Austin, Texas.


I think Austin's a great music city, probably due to the the caliber of weird people that it ends up, bringing to it. It's got the locale, it's got lazy spots near a river, it's got, you know, open minded weirdos wearing cowboy hats. It's got a lot of interesting influences. [MUSIC] He can help you go call up the judge. Tell him you're afraid you've fallen in love, but theres no where to go but down from here. So come along baby [MUSIC] Here we got nothing to fear. [MUSIC] They close your eye through God. Her moment that I saw [MUSIC] One, two, three, four. [MUSIC]
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