A Chat with Shakey Graves

We sat down with Shakey Graves to talk about Austin, songwriting, and his views on queso.


[MUSIC] I think Austin's a great music city, probably due to the the caliber of weird people that it ends up. Bringing to it. It's got the low cal. It's got lazy spots near a river. It's got, you know, open minded weirdos wearing cowboy hats. It's got a lot of interesting influences. So I think that song writing and the way that people approach music comes from a, a weirder spot. No, but really. I think it does create a unique. Sound to itself. That's classic but a little off kilter. Paul Key recently opened a, a, a, his first like you know name sake restaurant called Key, and it's crazy challenging food. You know, I, I had a friend take his grandfather there and he couldn't even find anything on menu to eat. It's like squid ink, pasta with. Sea urchin. And then on the, you know, on the other side, there's Polvos, which is a restaurant over on South First. You know, I'm a creature of habit, so I've always just gotten tacos and stuff and recently I've started expanding on their whole menu, outside of the margarita section and stuff like that. I'd say the dish that pretty much does Austin is a bowl of queso, probably. We. Fancy case though kind of throws me of. It has to kind of go right on the Velveeta line but a little bit elevated you know so they'll put black beans in it or something weird. But bad good case though I think kind of sums up Austin. [MUSIC]
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