Reasons Why Stars Love the South

The South is hotter than a pepper sprout but, of course, we already knew that. Here, the stars sound off on their favorite things about life below The Mason Dixon.


What do you love the most about living in the south. What is not to love? Best thing about living in the south? The food. All the outdoor barbecues and hanging out with family. Best part, yeah. What's your favorite part about living in the south? Oh, well, just this whole culture and great hospitality, great people, everybody away, vets you on the street. It's a place where you can find peace and love, and that's hard to find in a world today. Everyone is friendly out here. Uh-huh. Very friendly. It's, everyone's so nice, and so sweet, and I love that about the South, that everyone is so friendly, I have friends that come in from LA and they're like, I want to move here. My wife's from Argentina but she says, Virginia's the last station before heaven for her. New York is always good. A rap for being rude, but when you come down to places like this and everyone is just like hey great to see you, and have a great day, and how are you doing today, and all of these things. It kinda shocks you at first. At first you're like woah, woah, why are you asking me about, hey don't tell me to have a good day. You know it's but it's, it's great. It's definitely a nice feeling. What is your favorite thing about living in the South? It's not freezing cold all the time, and I like that. You know, I'd rather, as crazy as it is, I'd rather be 100 degrees than freezing. Warm winters. I hate really really cold. So, there's so many things I love about the south but I love a milder winter, at least. I love the humidity. Yeah. Oh, and you go outside and you feel like you're being wrapped in a warm blanket. Mm-hm. So good for the hair, right? It's really good. And the skin. Air conditioning. [LAUGH]
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