Pat Conroy: The Southern Living Interview

Pat Conroy became a literary legend penning novels like The Prince of Tides and The Great Santini, but lately he has been expanding his repetoire as the editor-at-large of Story River Books, an original southern fiction imprint of the University of South Carolina Press focused on Southern authors.


I'd never been an editor, I've always hated my editors, I really despise the breed. And when I got into this thing where I'm actually called the, what do they call me, a travelling editor, some kind of editor at large, is I get to read a book and make a final decision. We published about 12, 13 novels We're getting such terrific material from Southern writers and some young, some older like me, some that can't get published in the present publishing Peak conditions in New York and one of the most satisfying things I ever got involved with. Over the years I heard, not ten years ago someone said, there will never be a book published in America again about a small southern town. And I said, why do you make a statement like that? There's, literature can happen anywhere. And it is certainly happened in the south more than it has happened anywhere else in America. You can't live in the south, move to south, without having the south shape you.
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