Cruise for Fun From Galveston

Find blue water, sunshine, and warm breezes with a bargain getaway to the Caribbean.
Wanda McKinney
Cruise for Fun From Galveston

Sunny Friday at Sea
We awoke to a beautiful day with no sight of land and decided to check out the gymnasium before breakfast. Afterward, we oohed and aahed over jewelry and the requisite T-shirts in the gift shops.

"The shopping talk is going on now," Bill noted. "We'd better go see what they say about Cozumel. We need to pick out which shore tour we'll take."

We learned from Cindy of the Carnival crew that it's okay to bargain and that we should stick to the map that the ship hands out. She also informed us that cash is better for bargaining than credit cards, though most all credit cards are accepted.

The crew then began describing the shore tours. Two that appealed to us were the Eco Adventure by Jeep ($79 per person), where guests would see wildlife and tropical plants, and Cozumel Highlights and Shopping ($49 per person), which included history, the beaches, and shopping. We opted for the latter.

After lunch at the 24-hour pizzeria, we watched a volleyball game while soaking up some rays. Before joining the captain's cocktail party and formal dinner, we drank in a stunning sunset. And at midnight we laughed ourselves silly at the adult comedy show.

What fun! Almost too excited to eat a light buffet breakfast, we stocked up on bottled water and sunscreen and took off down the long pier to rendezvous for our Cozumel tour.