Celebs Sound Off on the Most Southern Thing They've Ever Done

We won't deny these stars their Southern cred. Find out the most Southern thing they've ever done.


What is the most southern thing you have ever done? Most southern thing I've ever done? I, I live in Nashville, and I have a fire outside of my driveway, especially when it's cool outside, about every night. Now, I'm the redneck of the area so and I claim that proudly, but trust me that's, that's pretty southern. You know, I went to Newland for catfish one time. Okay. That's pretty, that's pretty Southern. It is. And you gotta stick your fist in little holes where they're, you think they're living. I didn't get anything. Oh. And I was scared to death, but that's pretty Southern. I used to drive my four-wheeler through a cow pond, which is where the cows go to the bathroom. Like knowingly, so that was probably the most redneck, Southern thing I've ever done. Maybe drink Moonshine, barefoot with overalls on. Drink Moonshine. Uh-huh. Is probably the most southern thing I've ever done. Uh-huh. I was a part of the National Junior Miss Pageant that took place in Mobile, Alabama, and it was quite a southern experience. I'm not gonna lie. [MUSIC] Most southern thing you have ever done? Oh my God. I've played at Rodeos, played concerts at Rodeos. And I've played shows while children in front of me are mutton busting. First of all I've gone mud bogging with my two brothers, my male cousins who are like my brothers, and whipped them, hate to tell them. Okay, mud bogging? Mud bogging, it's like mudding when you get on the four wheeler and you go through, you're like in the swamp in the woods when it' s real muddy and you just don't care. That's the nastiest thing to do, and also I have competed in a watermelon seed spitting contest and went 25 feet with it. Alright. I played banjo at a nurses' convention, opening for an Elvis impersonator in Jackson, Mississippi. That was pretty southern. You win so far. You win.
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