A Cure for the Not-So-Common Bacon

Morgan Murphy, author of Southern Living Bourbon & Bacon serves up the facts on how the best bacon is cured.


[MUSIC] The difference between a dry cure and a wet cure when it comes to bacon and steak and a lot of other meat for that matter is that a dry cure preserves the meat by drying it out with salt and little sugar. And you just let it age. And what that does is it concentrates the flavor as the bacon loses water. Mass. And when you cook that stuff up, man is there a difference. A wet cured bacon is injected with a brine which preserves the meat, but you know when you cook up wet cured bacon what you're doing is cooking out all the water. So you start with something like this and it shrivels up into that. Which is still pretty good cuz after all it's. Bacon. [MUSIC]
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