This Bacon is Smokin'!

Want to know where quality bacon gets its dense, woody flavor? Morgan Murphy, author of Southern Living Bourbon & Bacon shares the secret of the smoker.


[MUSIC] My favorite sandwich in the world is a bacon pastrami sandwich made by a joint in Greenville, South Carolina called Bacon Brothers. Now the secret to their pastrami is of course the bacon which they make right there at the restaurant. They smoke it with apple wood and cherry wood and well you gotta check out their smoker. You built your own smokehouse here. We did, yeah we said we couldn't handle buying just regular bacon, we had to make our own. So Well, I mean, like, I've been in, I've been in quite a few smokehouse. This is a super nice smokehouse. We got a stainless steel roof, and a huge smoker. Stainless roof. We have a nice little home for our little smoker over here, and we have these beautiful three smoking cabinets behind me. So, behind. And behind us here is just a bacon lover's paradise of three individual smoking cabinets. I understand you designed it yourself. Yeah. Me and my General Manager and the Architect, we designed this particular shape off of really a lot of old school style smoke houses. And so you have a firebox outside and it drafts in the smoke. It goes through a, about a fourteen foot radius here which cools off that smoke. Yeah. Yeah. And then it comes through over the top, down below, and then, is sucked out this way right here. So it actually by the time it gets here it's cold smoke. And you're not just smoking with any wood back there. You got some, I got a little, little sample here. That's right. We got- Peach wood! South Carolina Peach wood from Chezney. It is sweet and just that super flavor to it. man. It really does smell great. When you put it right on the snow, it comes off of it as incredible. Would you experiment with different woods? You do some [CROSSTALK] Yeah we do, we do hickory, we do apple, and a pearwood actually. Just a little pearwood. Your like a barbeque-tioner, you know? [LAUGH] What kind of different? Secret wood's back there smoking us up. Let's take a look at some of this bacon, I'm dying to see it. So in here, door number one. We have bacon. The inner sanctum of bacon. As you can see that smoke just kind of drafts over it and we will smoke it for 72 hours. This is a ton of bacon. [UNKNOWN] My man, this is like, almost. [LAUGH] How many thousand pounds of bacon do you go through a year. Well we're still in our first year, but I'd say within the first two months we've gone through almost 3,000 pounds of bacon. This right here is right at 200. You can also see our country ham smoking in the back as well, so we're, we're smoking a lot of stuff. This is as authentic as it gets, we're [UNKNOWN]. Some smoke in the smokehouse [LAUGH] with Chef Anthony Gray. Thanks, so much for showing me the whole [INAUDIBLE]. Thank you. Seal the bacon flavor.
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