Bourbon vs. Scotch

Ever wonder about the difference between bourbon and scotch? Morgan Murphy author of Southern Living Bourbon & Bacon gives the scoop.


[MUSIC] And essential difference between bourbon and scotch is really the color and the first thing to a casual eye is the bourbon is so much darker. Bourbon and scotch both start off clear. They start off clear as water, just like this white dog here. But over the aging process. The whiskey seeps into the pores of the barrel when it's hot and then it comes back into the barrel itself when it gets colder and it pulls along with it the flavors and the caramels and the sugars of the barrel. Well in Scotland it doesn't get as warm as it does in Kentucky, so that. Whiskey doesn't penetrate as far into the barrel as it does in a warmer client. Also bourbon can only be aged in a new white oak barrel. Scotch often uses used bourbon barrels to age there scotch so the power of the barrel isn't as strong.
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