The Best Kind of Bacon

Morgan Murphy, author of Southern Living Bourbon & Bacon shares his favorite spots for the South's best bacon.


[MUSIC] You know my refrigerator is ready for the second coming. I got enough bacon in it to last for the next 100 or so years, well preserved I might add. But people often ask me what's my favorite bacon. Well, I have three that I'm really eating right now. Benton's, man does Alan Benton do a great job with hickory smoked bacon. You can also buy it in the unsmoked variety if you'd like. And then a little place in Dixie, Georgia called Thompson Brothers. Now they serve their bacon at a lot of Whole Foods. Thompson Brothers uses peach wood to smoke their bacon. And the last is Rice's country hams. And they're outside of Nashville. Little hard to get to sometimes but you could order bacon off their website. And they do a peppered bacon that is out of sight. But really, any bacon's good bacon. [MUSIC]
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