About 80 miles northwest of Jackson, Mississippi, lies a tourist attraction that folks usually have to stumble upon: Nitta Yuma.

This unique Southern town is unlike any you've ever visited, if only for the lack of people you'll see wandering around. Nitta Yuma used to be home to around 600 people, but now has about 20 residents. You will, however, find the Phelps family. The Phelps have lived in Nitta Yuma for 200 years, and are dedicated to preserving the history of the town. There are 9 antebellum structures in the town that pre-date the Civil War, including a 1760s carriage house that the Phelps family still occupies.

Even though the town lacks residents, there will be no shortage of eyeballs on you as you walk through the empty church, general store, or service station – Nitta Yuma plays host to a collection of over 3,000 vintage dolls. This collection once belonged to Dorothy Cole Phelps. Dorothy collected the dolls until her death in 2011, and the collection is on display at Nitta Yuma's old general store.

As Helen says: "Come visit us."

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