Mississippi State Mourns the Loss of Bully XX

In loving memory of Mississippi State's Bully XX

Megan Bean/Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University students, staff, and fans lost their beloved mascot Bully XX (affectionately known as Champ), this week. Champ died of congestive heart failure and would have been 11 years old next month. Last year I wrote about the Passing of the Harness at Mississippi State when Champ retired and his offspring, Bully XXI (Jak), took the reins.

Beth Newman Wynn/Mississippi State University

Being a Mississippi State fan and the “parent” of an English bulldog, I have a soft spot for this laidback and loveable breed.

Megan Bean/Mississippi State University

For six seasons, Champ was a fixture at the all of the MSU Football games. Rest in Peace.

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