Best City Stay: The Jefferson

Photo: Courtesy of The Jefferson
We picked this Washington, DC hotel as one of our favorite new city stays.

Best City Stay: The Jefferson
Washington, DC; 202/448-2300

The Digs
After a two-year renovation, the 99-room, 1923 Beaux Arts beauty (just four blocks from the White House) isn’t new, but it’s new to you. Suites have marble entries, velvet couches, and handcrafted chandeliers.

You'll Love It If
You’re a history buff who loves luxury. Look for touches like original Jefferson-signed documents and spa treatments based on the herbs grown at Monticello.

Don't Miss
New in-house restaurant Plume (presided over by former Alain Ducasse chef Damon Gordon) for classic fine dining inspired by Monticello’s bounty and executed with a light hand. Plus, an impressive 1,200-bottle wine cellar.  

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