Washington, D.C.'s Best Budget Restaurants

Eat like a senator for intern prices at these budget-friendly capital restaurants.

We searched Washington, D.C., for the ultimate value meal: great tasting, excellent service, unique atmosphere, and--hardest of all--close to the sites and attractions you want to see. Near the White House and want a bargain lunch? No problem. Spent a bundle on tickets to the Kennedy Center but don't have any money left over for a preshow dinner? Read on. All of the following restaurants are centrally located, and you won't need a wad of Benjamins to eat at them. A couple of Abes should do you just fine. Go to the D.C. Dining on a Dime photo gallery for our top dining picks.

For more of the best things to do in Washington, D.C., visit our travel partners, 10Best.com.

Washington, D.C. 10Best Lists

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