A Chat with Mayeux and Broussard

We sat down with Mayeux and Broussard to talk about Austin's best eats, music venues, and the city's easygoing attitude.


Sound. Take one, mark. I grew up here in Austin. Growing up in this culture it's like, there's, there's nothing er, almost as if everything's acceptable. I think, you know, music's a big part of that, you know, you can walk into one club and hear like a Prague rock band, and then the next club's, like, you know, a honky tonk band or a rap show, or something. So I, I feel like we've been to a bunch of other towns where it's very, like. Almost, you know, genre specific to the town. You know, whether it was blues or country or rock or whatever. It's a really special place. And I'm just lucky to be a part of it all. I'm very, I think I speak for all of us when, you know, we're all pretty thankful for getting to do what we, you know, what we wanna do. My dad is like, you know, he's a big barbecue guy. He's got his own line of seasonings and stuff like that. So you know I grew up eating really good barbecue and. Black's is probably my favorite, honestly, here in town. And you gotta mention the Tex-Mex, you know. There's just, I mean we're right here on South Congress and there's Guero's Taco Bar. There's, Matt's El Rancho down the road. There's Home Slice Pizza right across the street, man. There's Hopdoddy. We're smack dab in the middle of it all. And it's great because a lot of these events we play in Austin, they're usually catering some of these great restaurants, so. We're fortunate enough to get, to eat a lot of this stuff for free. [LAUGH] I like to put the tortillas on the grill, make a little Tex-Mex taco, you know some brisket in there, sausage, ribs, I'll take it all. We got to cover the White Horse. The White Horse is such as special place. It's really kind of brought back the tradition of Austin you know the, the outlaw, the kind of hippie country music that was made back in the 70s and. I think there's a real resurgence of that right now and I think White Horse is very responsible for a lot of that. I love my hometown of Port Arthur but I, I really feel like this is home. [MUSIC]
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