"My Home" by Larkin Poe

Rebecca & Megan Lovell stopped by our offices to play a set of their top songs, like "My Home," for our staff.


[BLANK_AUDIO] Arkenpoe was the name of our great great great great grandfather, and you know, its like growing up and just hearing bits and pieces, about who he was, and how he influenced all of our family. I think it is a big deal to try and, represent your roots and where you come from, especially when it comes telling stories. Just being able to draw from, the culture of being from the South. Stories come from everywhere, but I feel like in the south, people do like, who you, like, where you came from and who your people are is a big deal. Like for us, like, Larkin Poe was cousins with Edgar Allen Poe, like, that for us is a big deal. I mean like it happened hundreds of years ago, you know? Like, they've been dead forever, but it does, it plays into who you are. Taking little bits of their story in with us. Songwriting is telling stories, whether it's a, a story, or if it's a story of a life, or a story of an emotion. I mean that's, that is what song writing is. [MUSIC] Where will I go? Where will I go, when the snow falls? Mmm...These hills are my home, [MUSIC] It is cold now at night. Winter is right around the corner. Ooh. But I'll be back, come next spring. [MUSIC] I'll see you in my dreams. My oh oh. [MUSIC] Oh. How will I survive. Away from these sweet and simple times. No I don't. [MUSIC] [NOISE] Thank you.
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