A Chat with Jamestown Revival

We sat down with Jamestown Revival to talk about Tex-Mex, Austin, and where to get the best eats in town.


Jamestown Revival, when they take one, mark. Whoo! I think one place that makes Austin great for music is, the overall sense of creativity. From the food, to the music, to the festivals. It's a place as unique to the South and everywhere is. You know, got things about it that make it cool and make it communal in different ways. And I think that's how we do it. Tex-Mex is a big thing here. We smother everything in cheese. Which kind of guarantees that it will be good. Patrizi's is a food truck. It's stationary. And he's got a little covered seating area behind it. Just kind of a quick, easy meal. But you can bring a bottle of wine and hang out. Guero's Tacos is always a fun spot to go to. Tried a place the other night called Dai Due, which is this great butcher shop, you can get fresh meat or you can just have a meal. My wife and I, everybody knows about it. It's no secret. Botticelli's is our favorite place to go. Just some solid Italian food, it's a feel-good spot. Personally, I love all kinds of barbecue. Just loaded on my plate. One thing that gets overlooked at a barbecue place a lot is the sides. And you gotta be able to follow up the meat with the, with the quality sides. To me I think the perfect plate is some good brisket, some sausage, some potato salad, and some baked beans. Being a Texan. We're a very prideful bunch. We visit a lot of places now and, and people if they haven't been to Austin they say they've heard great things and that makes me proud. [MUSIC]
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