Is This The Most Romantic Restaurant In The World?
Eat out or stay in? How does this compare to your neighborhood favorite?
This article originally appeared on Travel + Leisure

There are few experiences more memorable (or romantic) than eating a delicious meal while surrounded by a breathtaking view. Which is why when we saw the Grotta Palazzese Hotel Restaurant—an impressive space set in a grotto in the Southern Italian town of Polignano a Mare—we couldn’t help but fall in love.

The restaurant, part of Grotta Palazzese Hotel, is nestled into a vaulted limestone cavern giving diners an uninterrupted view of the Adriatic Sea and its adjacent cliffs. By day, the cavern is partly lit by the sun’s reflection off the clear blue water—a spot that dates back to the 1700s when local nobility used it for banquets.

Now, visitors are treated to a menu filled with traditional Mediterranean fare and a lengthy wine list. Dine in the summer cavern from May to October or experience the view year round, through the dining room’s floor-to-ceiling windows. Feast your eyes.
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