How To Pack For A Weekend Trip

Need some packing inspiration for your weekend away? Our friends at Travel & Leisure have put together an easy guide to packing for a weekend trip.


[MUSIC] It's easy to get excited about a weekend away but it's just as easy to stress about what to bring. Want to stick to carry on? Here is how to do it. You'll wanna pack from your entire wardrobe so do your laundry before you get started In the days leading up to your trip, collect the little things you wanna pack. But know you might forget things like your phone charger, eye glasses, magazines, or a hostess gift. Just add it to the pile as you think of it. Check the The weather where you're headed so you can pack accordingly. Fingers crossed for a sunny forecast. But if it looks like rain, you'll be happy you packed that umbrella. Mentally walk through your weekend and plan an outfit for each activity. And lay them out as you go. In order to travel light, pack pieces that you can wear more than once. Think one pair of jeans for two different tops. Once you have everything laid out, group your clothing into categories. Put like items together creating piles that are uniform in size so they fit neatly into the bag, and are less likely to wrinkle. As you pack up be strategic. Stick you shoes at the bottom of the bag and stuff your socks inside to help them keep their shape. Your clothing piles are already done. So just pack them on top of the shoes, and fill in any spaces with the little stuff, like underwear, sunglasses, jewelry, and t-shirts. There should be a few inches left at the top of the bag for your toiletry kit. If you travel a lot, You should always keep a case stocked with the essentials. If there's anything specific you need for this trip, just add it to your basics and you're ready to go. Zip up and head out. One bag, and you're covered. For more expert packing tips, visit [MUSIC]
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