Escape to Barnsley Resort

A trip to the grounds of the Barnsley Resort, a charter member of the Southern Living Hotel Collection, finds Deputy Food Director Whitney Wright in an wooded paradise. Hunting, outdoor cooking, and plenty of Southern hospitality all come to the table in Adairsville, Georgia.

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[MUSIC] I'm Whitney Wright, and I am here at the Barnsley Resort. It is just outside of Atlanta and one of the fabulous properties that's a part of the Southern Living Hotel Collection. And this weekend we are going on a quail hunt. [NOISE] All right. Great warm up. Should we load up and get out in the field? Let's do it [MUSIC] So we are in the field. This is my husband Will. He is joining us to make sure we have enough quail. Awesome. For dinner. [LAUGH] Awesome. [LAUGH] When the pointers go on point, Raven here is gonna actually come in and she's gonna flush, flush the birds up for us, So that'll, she'll make 'em fly up. Yep. They'll, they'll fly up and she'll she'll actually go get 'em once you shoot 'em down. This is why their called the. The tree birds. Ex, exactly. Got it. [MUSIC] Here. Fire. Get 'em! [MUSIC] Slow down dogs. So we got six. Got six. Not bad. So we're gonna go cook them up. Sounds good. Are you gonna be there? I'm gonna be there wouldn't miss it. Okay, let's go. [MUSIC] We're gonna do a real quickly marinated grilled quail with a grilled kale salad that has a warm bacon dressing and then some hoe cakes. [MUSIC]
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