A Chat with Hayes Carll

We sat down to with Hayes Carll to talk about sushi, live music, and why he loves calling Austin home.


Camera speed. This is Scene 3A, Take 1, marker. [MUSIC] I'm Hayes Carll from Houston, Texas. I've been in Austin for almost nine years now and. Consider home and it's, it's just a great music town. It's provided me the ability to help find my voice as a writer and, and make a living as a performer. We are here at the Saxon Pub, this was the first place I ever played in Austin in 2001. Got a call to come to a 30 minute slot so I drove five hours and. Got on the stage and, and it was huge for me. I'm kinda burned out on, on Mexican, on Tex-Mex. That would be the obvious choice, but I've been eating it for close to 40 years now and, and it, it's moved down to, like, third or fourth in my rankings, I think. I like sushi a lot. It's an expensive habit. But, if I save up and I go treat myself on a, on a nice spring day, the options are pretty limitless. And probably involve, you know, finding some water somewhere and then ending up on a patio bar and having drinks and dinner with friends and, and then go catch some music. Most towns I live in, they ask me what my real job is, then I come to Austin and they know. [MUSIC]
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