The South's Tastiest Towns: Greenville

Photo by Laurey W. Glenn
Internationally inspired food with a locally owned, Main Street sensibility.

Star Tastemaker
Vicky Moore at Mediterranean-inspired The Lazy Goat and Spencer Thomson for market-driven New American fare (such as heirloom beets and tomatoes with goat cheese, frisée, pecans, and muscadine vinaigrette) at Devereaux’s.

Best Bites
Foie gras ($17) with apples, maple marshmallows, and speck from The Owl; Pork Belly Korean Tacos ($9) with house-made kimchi and toasted sesame slaw at Nose Dive; Tile Fish ($29) with shaved fennel, Anson Mills farro, and citrus nage at American Grocery 

A growler of River Falls Red ($7.50), the flagship beer from Thomas Creek Brewery, a local favorite since 1998.


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