Favorite Thing About Being a Southern Man

Chivalry isn't dead in the South. These Southern gents share their favorite things about being a Southern man—manners included.


[MUSIC] What is the best thing about being a southern man? Oh, you know, growing up respecting your momma, being appreciative of the outdoors. Learning how to be great on a grill. Knowing what God is and who God is. Knowing how to treat a lady. So tell me, guys, what's your favorite thing about being a real southern gentleman. Oh, that it's cool to be polite like it's, it's good to be a nice guy. I love it. I try to be as much as I can. Sometimes you, you run into a female like yourself who, is independent and kind of wants to, do things for herself. So you have to be mindful of that but, I'm always there. Open the door if she doesn't walk in well I tried. All right. A southern gentleman always opens the door for a lady. I like it What is the best thing about being a southern man? Learning how to say yes maam at an early age. Yea? Did your momma teach you that? My daddy taught me that. [MUSIC]
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