A Chat with Dan Dyer

We sat down with Dan Dyer to talk about his favorite Austin spots—and brisket.


[MUSIC] I've lived here on and off since 1972, which was the year I was born. And my dad always lived here, so I've been in and coming to Austin for, you know, at least 20 years. Right, is, is my math right on that? I think Austin is such a great music town because it's a really supportive community. It's competitive in the right ways, not in the wrong ways. People do become famous here, but I don't ever think that's necessarily the goal. I love the Continental Club, upstairs the gallery is my favorite space in town. It's like someone's living room. It's usually no cover. You run your own sound. It sounds like a horrible situation, but the reality could, couldn't be farther from the truth. I think brisket is Texas barbecue, I mean that's what distinguishes us from, you know, southern barbecue. It's usually very minimally seasoned, salt and pepper. A lot of the times no sauce. A lot of times the sides are pickles and onions. And it's usually served on butcher paper. I think that's as legit as it gets. Texas barbecue. The number 1 would have to be Justine's. That's, that's just hands down my favorite place to go, my favorite place to eat, my favorite place to drink. I never go there and, and not at least meet somebody new or see. Ten people that I know. [MUSIC]
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