These Southern States Have the Cheapest Gas in the Country

Sean Gallup / Getty Images
Hit the road!

Good news for Oklahoma and Arkansas residents: Despite a countrywide hike in gas prices leading up to the holidays, you fine folks are enjoying the lowest gas prices in the nation.

According to the Associated Press, AAA-Oklahoma reports the average price per gallon for self-serve regular gas was $2.02 in both states Monday, landing them with a tie for the lowest prices in the country.

That’s a whopping 22 cents lower than the national average price for regular gasoline, which came in at $2.24 per gallon Monday—the highest it's been since October.

Enjoy the break on your wallet, and fill up soon. National pump prices have risen a total of 11 cents over the past 20 days, and are expected to continue to increase through the holidays.

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