Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood's Best Zombie Tips

You may know them as international superstar country musicians, but did you know Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood have a wealth of zombie knowledge? Join our September flip cover stars as they talk Game Of Thrones, the best way to kill zombies, slasher movies, and why Southern Living would actually be the apocalypse magazine of choice.


So what does southern living mean to me? Game of Thrones. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] They know you like the Walking Dead as much as you like it. Yeah. Yeah. Which is surprising to me, because you've never had much of a stomach for that kind of thing, typically. What? Like, you know, like You do though? I'm a slasher movie kind of person. Game of Thrones? I've not gotten to, I can't- You're going to. I know. I need to. [MUSIC] I mean, there's only one way to kill a zombie- Tell me what that is. I know nothing about it. And you have to damage the brain. So you have to hit them in the head or shoot them. In Game of Thrones, it's either A, you would fire or dragonglass, or a valryian steel sword, so valryian steel sword for me. That sounds really specific though. And I know this doesn't seem like a southern living talk, but- We are really way off topic right now. this is why it works, this is why it works, because in Game of Thrones all of these come from the north. Was south. Okay.>> That they all born in the North, and the North is an evil place. Okay. In, in Game of Thrones. Yeah. So southern living will be a publication that they would use an quaestor. Okay. That would be actually the magazine of thrones, sound of living because in the north of Game of Thrones You're just dead. Yeah. You go up there. Gotcha.
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