Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood Talk Southern Roots, Careers, & What They've Learned

Both of our September flip cover stars are award-winning singer-songwriters raised with Southern grace and charm – Carrie, in Oklahoma, and Brad, in West Virginia. From their favorite memories of growing up in the South to what'd they be if they weren't internationally-acclaimed musicians, join Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley for some laughs.


Just cant'. Can't what? Backwards or forwards? Yeah, I had to count to five. Three two one, zero. Perfect. Ooh. One. [UNKNOWN] I think my best memories of growing up in The South is just being outside. My mom would come out on the front porch and yell for dinner. What did she yell? Just a whistle? Just, she'd yell my name. She'd whistle and yell my name. It wasn't, hey you all, come get this! It's getting cold! No, it wasn't quite like that. It wasn't that? I grew up in a really small town. How big was your town? 3500. Yeah? Mine's smaller. Really? Mine was 1800. Wow. But similar, I'm sure. I mean, Mayberry. Just barber shop, drug store, diner, two stop lights. We only had one. Well for a while yeah. Yeah, now we have another one. Do you? Right by the Walmart. Congratulations. [INAUDIBLE] Thank you. Moving on up. I think I should answer for you. What would I be doing if I wasn't a musician? Homeless. Okay. No, she would be a newscaster. I'm not somebody who ever really is good at other jobs, you know? I could've done other things maybe, but. Did you have Like growing up? Yeah. What did you do? I did construction, I worked construction. That was fun. Put a roof on a church. I actually liked that the most of anything that was a real job. That was actually rewarding because you look at something you built. You're outdoors. [BLANK_AUDIO] There's a lot of space I hope people are friendly. It's a little more laid back and sweet. There's a small town feel when I think of southern living. I think of that, sort of everybody knows everybody, which is the way Nashville feels. There is a mutual respect sort of shown to one another. And if there's some good food and some iced tea thrown in there, ain't nothing wrong with that. Cholesterol. Yes. That's southern. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] All Carrie Underwood, all the time. Yes. That's all I listen to. If I go on a road trip, which hasn't happened in a long time. It needs to. It depends on where I'm at. If I'm like driving through the country I think I'd pick some John Denver. Yeah thanks for throwing my name out. I threw yours out. Or a little bit of [UNKNOWN]. No, she's lying. At nineteen I'm glad I didn't know anything about any of this. At nineteen. Because if you know that things are gonna work out okay, do you work as hard? It all seems so much like a pipe dream that I had to work [MUSIC] It's really hard. I think there would be some comfort. 'Cuz you're kind of expected to know everything at 19. Like, figure out the rest of your life, you know? Pick a major. Yeah, what's your major? Like, what are you going to do forever? And I kind of picked really broad things, because I was, like, I don't know. What was your major. Mass Comm. What's that? Mass communication. Yeah, so you read the newscast that I sent you- Yeah, yeah. You know I'm a journalism major. But it was kind of like if I choose this there's a lot of things I could do with this. I think I would have like to just go back and say, is going to be cool. Just roll with it and take some chances. Finances. FOX News alert, I'm Carrie Underwood. Our story, our top story tonight. ?? I could totally do that. Yeah, you could that. [MUSIC], [BLANK_AUDIO].
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