The Best Things About Being a Southern Girl

From the accents to the big hair—there are plenty of reasons to love being a Southern girl.


What is the best thing about being a Southern girl? Oh the food, definitely. Best thing about being a southern girl? The accent. It can, you can get away with a lot with a country accent. Best thing about being a southern girl? Ooh! The big hair. I get to embrace that [LAUGH] more than anything, cuz that's really fun. Now that you're living in the South what's one, like, kind of style difference that you've seen from Australia? What's one thing that sets a southern girl apart? The hair, the big hair. As you can tell, I've taken a page out of the book tonight and I said, do it like that. Now what's your favorite thing about being a southern girl? Southern men [LAUGH]. It's, it's that, just that gentrified, loves their mama, wants to take care of you, doesn't think your sweet tea is too sweet, even when you put way too much sugar in it. That's happened before. Mm-hm. Tells you your casserole is really, really good even though it's not as good as his momma's. That's the kind of man you want to marry. All right. Where are you guys? Best thing about being a southern girl? Oh, my goodness. everything. I wouldn't, I wouldn't want to be anything else but a southern girl. I'm gonna say everything. [MUSIC]
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