Southern Fashion Weeks

Photo: Chris M. Rogers; Styling: Elizabeth Demos; Hair and Makeup: Ashley Brook Perryman
Save the date for our favorite Southern fashion weeks.

Fashion weeks now stretch from Austin to Baltimore. Unlike their New York or Milan counterparts, these events forgo couture fashion to highlight up-and-coming local designers. They also put a down-home spin on the traditionally haughty affairs, welcoming more than just socialites and celebrities. (Anyone can get a ticket.) This year, put a little fashionista in your annual girls’ trip—and help support local artisans—with a trek to the fashion tents of the South.

March 22-26
Charleston, SC; tickets from $45

April 6-10
Gainesville, FL; tickets from $15

August 11-14
Baltimore, MD; tickets from $40

August 20-27
Austin, TX; kick-off show $75; many events free

September 29-October 1
Charlotte, NC; tickets from $35

October 20-23
Alexandria, VA; tickets from $20

late October 
Greenville, SC; tickets from $50

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