Author Katherine Clark Shares Why the South is the Ultimate Literary Subject

Inspired by her Southern upbringing, Katherine Clark set out to write her debut novel on the world of leisure and repose that she knew so well. The result is The Headmaster's Darlings, a book edited by literary legend Pat Conroy.


I was always going to write about the south. For me, there was never any other subject. I grew up in the south. I grew up reading southern literature, which taught me among many other things, that the south was a great subject. The south knows the art of leisure. It understands the art of repose and as a culture that understands entertaining and hospitality. We know how to live. Well, the book is about this extraordinary, one of a kind teacher. Who I named Norman Laney in the novel. Based on my teacher Martin Hanes. This man was unlike Any other person you're likely to meet, and he was definitely unlike any teacher you're likely ever to have had. I'm so excited about Katherine Clark's Mountain Brook. [LAUGH] I don't know it and I didn't grow up in it, but from these books, what a place. What an exciting place. What a Gatsby-like place. I mean, it really has mystery and class and everything that you know, I kind of love in a southern book. [MUSIC]
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