The South's Tastiest Towns: Asheville

Photo by Robbie Caponetto
Intrepid casual fare from a tight-knit, indie-chef community.

Star Tastemaker
Katie Button, who trained under Spain’s top chefs, including elBulli restaurant’s Ferran Adrià, before taking the helm at Cúrate. There, she serves signature tapas such as Pluma Ibérica ($20): grilled acorn-fed pork with sprigs of smoking rosemary and thyme.

Best Bites
Duck taco with mole ($5.25) at White Duck Taco Shop; sea scallops with lemon-thyme quinoa ($27) from The Admiral; Mole Negro Truffles ($11.75/six) from French Broad Chocolates.

Barrel-aged Negroni ($12) at The Imperial Life, the hip new cocktail lounge above Jacob and Alicia Sessoms’ Table.



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