Bless Our Hearts: Celebrating Our Mistakes

To prepare for our 50th anniversary issue, our staff combed through the Southern Living archives. We found many wonderful heirlooms, but we also discovered an amusing medley of not-so-golden moments that we just couldn't keep to ourselves.


To celebrate 50 years of Southern Living, our staff left no page unturned, sifting through our archives to share our golden memories and some laughable moments. Here are our top ten most endearing mishaps, ideas that seemed great At the time. Number 10. December 1972. We managed to turn a classic holiday eggnog into a soup, so thick you had to eat with a spoon. Number 9. In 1980, southern living couldn't get enough of plaid. We thought looked great on clothes, Chairs, bathrooms, you name it. Can you have too much of a good thing? In this case, yes. Number 8, in 1971, Southern Living honored the South's obsession with football, with a breathtaking cover photo, literally. Number 7, Southern Living or space living? In 1966 we set our sights, Toward the future, where dinner tables are optional. Number six. We may never forgive ourselves for our fascination with congealed salads, but we hope you will. Number five. Clowns were a good idea in 1967 and apparently again in 1975. We're still not sure if they're funny or just terrifying. Number four. In twenty ten we worked up a sweat drying our hair only to need a shower afterwards. Number three. We gave healthy desserts a shot, but we'll let Cooking Light handle it from here. Number two. We're not sure if this one would be better or worse in color. Number one, looking back, our phrasing really could have been better. Hindsight really is 20 20. [MUSIC]
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